Forum Thread: Where do you find good rackets?

I'd love to get back into playing, but I have no racket, and no place to play. Anyway, what are the good rackets like now? How much should I pay for a good quality racket? 

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ToastyKitten, I will provide a general answer to your question.

Here in the states, you play badminton either at a church, high school, community center, public park facility or badminton center. These are the groups or places to call to find a place to play.

As for places to buy a racket, you can go to a badminton specialty store should there be one in your area or simply order online. Keep in mind there are lots of fake rackets out there. It is hard to recommend a racket without knowing more details about your skill level. Having said that, you'll get a very decent beginners racket for less than $60 which can also last you into the intermediate I level.

If you are more advanced, then you probably have specific preferences. ArcSaber9 is an advanced level racket designed specifically for female player, it is a bit costly though. That's all I can suggest for now. =)

Hi hoozswup!

Thanks for the advice. I used to be "intermediate", but that was a long time ago...I'm probably back to beginner status now! What should I be looking for in a racket? Lightness, durability, cost, anything else? 

Hello! Since you have played before, I will suggest sticking with the product series that you have used before. Cost is a budget that you'll have to decide, it depends on how often you will play. If you think you'll play quite often, then spend at least $60 or so to get you back into the sport. If you get more serious, you can upgrade later. Of course you can get a much better racket, there's no problem with that.

Checkout BadmintonAlley website, they give very good description of a racket. If you're choosing Yonex, I'll suggest getting a racket with Isometric/square head  with flexible shaft. This kind of racket is easier to hit and good for improving your game. For example, Yonex Nano Speed 200 2009 (NS200) fits that criteria and you can get it for $60.


Thanks for the advice! I think I might do some shopping this weekend. I'm looking forward to other badminton posts! 

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